Careers in computer and information security

This programme offers excellent career prospects, especially in light of the current shortage of cyber security skills in the marketplace. Graduates from this programme can pursue a wide variety of roles, some of which include: Security Analyst, Forensics Examiner, Security Engineer, Penetration (Pentest) Tester, System Administrator, Web Developer, IT Support Engineer.

Where our graduates are now

“When I finished my MSc I gained work as an Intern at Cisco Systems, working as a Network Engineer before progressing into a role as Customer Support Engineer (Voice Networking Group). This involves hardcore troubleshooting of Voice solutions. Customers vary from small start-ups to big service providers or enterprise-level companies; some are very big names: BT, Hewlett Packard and IBM to name a few. I believe my company is the best place to kick-start a career thanks to the exposure, experience and education received.”

Jeson Chelleth
Customer Support Engineer, Cisco Systems

“After working deeply in the huge field of IT, I chose to specialise my IT skills by taking one of the most topical subjects - Information Systems Security. The MSc was most helpful in giving me a global approach to the huge field of IT security. For my MSc project I explored the threat posed by hacking through internet search tools.”

Information Security Correspondent, SGCIB, New York

“I started my passion towards IT security during my bachelor's degree and wanted to gain more knowledge on IT security and chose University of Plymouth to do my Master's in my desired field of study.”

Senior Security Analyst, AXA Group