Audio and Music Technology students prepare for musicians stage performance in The House, University of Plymouth.
This module explores how music and sound has and can be used as a medium for impact. 
Taught sessions will cover a range of political, social, and cultural movements in which music has played a role in driving change. 
Students will explore how to apply this knowledge to global challenges.

The Arts for Positive Change

Students will explore avenues to create real-life impact through musical projects and they will be carrying out their own impact project. They will also learn how to evaluate their impact through relevant frameworks. 
This module encourages students to consider the difference they can make to society through their musical practice, whether as a performer, composer, educator or organiser.
Boy with special needs playing guitar

Opportunities include:

Student Projects

What have our students gained from their involvement?

  • Large professional CVs
  • Insights into professional working practice which feeds into modular study and their professional outlook
  • Professional references
  • Assistance in further education application
  • Prestigious performances with valuable network opportunities
  • Professional etiquette
  • Professional advice from industry contacts
  • Professional confidence
  • Wages (Some students have earned a thousand pounds plus, because of their involvement with our opportunities)
  • Employment whilst studying, or upon leaving the University of Plymouth.
  • An advantage over many of their peers

Academic staff

Nuria Bonet, leads this module and has practical experience as a composer and a project manager for community arts events  such as the f.ex. Back to Music project which brought together disabled musicians and Music students.

The sounds of Queen Canute

Former ICCMR PhD student, Nuria Bonet, now a Lecturer in Music at the University talks about her project on musification of data her composition Queen Canute, for seagulls and clarinet.