Graduation 2016

Dr Abdulla Naser Noaimi DBA

Head of Youth Centres at Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, Bahrain

"The DBA is a challenge; I had to put my all into it and improve my skills for it definitely needed a lot of patience. It was not easy but it became possible with IUG and University of Plymouth guidance and of course, the supervision of Professor Howell, his experience in academics and research skills and his guidance always ensured I gave the best that I could and pushed my limitations.

"My happiness is not only due to becoming a doctor, it is due to the whole life changing experience I have been through with my doctoral program. It has added value and a high level of professionalism that I would not be able to gain in the same number of years without this program.

"I am now more confident and ready to contribute to and overcome workplace obstacles. The DBA has improved my managing style and my decision-making skills, and even developed my way of managing issues in my personal life." 

Dr Abdulla Naser Noaimi DBA
"Moreover this academic experience will allow me to expand my business knowledge and provide me with a professional degree which will further enrich my career opportunities."
Jacek Chammas, Manager Corporate Finance Data Management at Philip Morris International, Switzerland 
"I am a manager at a multinational company with a full-time job. I checked various programmes before I finally decided to attend the joint doctorate programme with IUG and Plymouth. In my opinion it is the best choice. I am in touch with two universities at the same time which gives me bigger exposure to information and experienced professors. At the same time I am able to work and study without interruption as well as attend workshops at IUG and meet people with similar profiles and needs. 
Thanny Jaroenpanich DBA student

Thanny Jaroenpanich

New student

"The joint DBA between the University of Plymouth and International University Geneva has given me a challenging new journey to explore not only the philosophical world, but also to discover and develop myself in way unexpected.

"Being in Switzerland for the first two years of the programme has definitely been a plus as I always find that being in foreign countries allows me to learn new things on a daily basis, broaden my thoughts and fulfil me with countless memories. I have made amazing new friends from my cohort, Professor Kerry, Dr Dogan and many others at the IUG have made my time on the programme fun, special, and well worth travelling multiple times a year for.

"It has been over a year since I joined this program and it has been a wonderful thought provoking year involving rigorous stimulating coursework, numerous trips, new friendships and to some extent, self-realisation."


Dr Kosmos Ebenezer-Alasoka

Public Information Officer at World Meteorological Organisation, Geneva

"What I had thought was an impossible adventure ended with the award of the DPA degree in a grandiose graduation ceremony in Plymouth. With the unflinching guidance and support of my supervisor Professor Kerry Howell and others both in IUG and the University of Plymouth, I surmounted even the dreaded viva voce examination. 

"As the wattage of the doctoral graduation diminishes, I now see myself walking with feelings of professional confidence which public administration education has particularly prepared me for. 

"The DPA programme is designed to provide you with the substantive skills, knowledge and values necessary to effectively function, the degree has therefore armed me to take on executive positions and challenges in public or private agencies and has indeed opened up an avalanche of opportunities for career advancement."

Dr. Kosmos Ebenezer-Alasoka