The Plymouth University Campaign, Shape The Future, a major fundraising initiative, is about a collective aspiration to transform lives and make a real and lasting difference to our global society.

Firm in the belief that what we do matters, the University is committed to delivering a Campaign of high impact, game-changing projects across the arts, science, medicine, business and health.

Through this Campaign, and with the generosity of our supporters, we believe we can achieve great things for the communities of our city, country and the planet.

Never before has the University embarked on a Campaign of this nature or magnitude. Now is the time for us to do so, and in turn, showcase our ambition, expertise, and pursuit of excellence that we are proud to ask for your support for.

The Campaign is based on vision. Success will be based on a shared desire to make a difference in the pursuit of excellence. Together we will explore possibilities, discover opportunities and realise our dreams.  

Our campaign themes showcase our strengths and aspirations as a university and encompass our major, life-changing projects.

Shape the Future campaign launched at House of Lords

We were proud to see so many of our friends and supporters at the House of Lords for the launch of Plymouth University’s Shape the Future campaign. This prestigious event provided our guests with a snapshot of some of the many excellent projects undertaken by the University.

Welcomed by Baroness Wilcox, projects introduced by Professor David Coslett included: Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence, Derriford Research Facility, Plymouth Literature Project, Tamar Engineering Project and The Plymouth Initiative.

How you can help

The success of this Campaign will hinge on the generosity of our closest supporters and friends. This Campaign will offer the University and our supporters a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realise shared dreams and ambitions; to support talented students, and unleash the talent of our staff to make a real and lasting difference in our community and around the world.

It is not impossible to imagine us achieving this together, and it is not unrealistic to conceive that the work of this Campaign could touch the lives of people across the globe. So our ask for your support is an ask on behalf of those communities that we aspire to serve, and the lives that we aspire to transform.

Brain Tumour Research