International students
Articulation and progression agreements are designed to build links between institutions that share interest in advancing knowledge and transforming lives of their students via coordination and promotion of recruitment and furthering the aims of the institutions' internationalisation strategies.

Definition of terms

Articulation Agreement
An arrangement with a partner institution (usually overseas) in which the University recognises specific credit and advanced standing to cohorts of students completing a named programme, allowing articulation to appropriate programmes identified by University staff.
Progression Agreement
An arrangement used to record progression routes onto stage one of the University’s undergraduate or postgraduate programmes for students who have successfully completed an award (undergraduate degree), an international foundation, or a pre-masters course at another institution/provider (i.e. without advanced standing).
Next steps for international students

Developing articulation and progression agreements

The University recognises that both articulation and progression arrangements may take time to develop, building upon emerging relationships between our institutions. An articulation/progression enquiry typically will go through the following stages:
  • initial enquiry and  investigation
  • consideration, mapping, and agreement draft
  • approval and signing
  • annual review.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

At times, upon request, the articulation or progression agreement can be preempted by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 
This can facilitate discussions on specific educational projects/areas of interest, with a view to establish the basis on which the parties will collaborate. 
An MOU is normally valid for twelve months which should provide both parties enough time to carry out the discussion and to set up further arrangements.
It is not mandatory to sign a MOU in order to develop other agreements. It is preferable to proceed directly to an agreement for the specific type of collaboration.

Initial enquiry form

If you are interested in developing an articulation or progression agreements, please complete the initial enquiry form. The form is designed to assist potential partners and the University to identify the suitable areas for collaboration, the information provided by the potential partner will also help the university to determine the potential for course mapping.
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