A group of business people sit in a row in a training class. They look at an unseen speaker as they concentrate on his lecture.
Here at the University of Plymouth, we understand the impact that investment in skills development can have for business growth and staff morale.
The University and its partners design and deliver courses which are industry focused and informed by internationally renowned research and expertise.
At the University of Plymouth we are fully committed to the provision of appropriate, effective and relevant professional development opportunities that enable individuals, teams and businesses to succeed. The range of professional development activities that we offer is diverse and flexible.
They can be as simple as developing your practical skills through highly focused short courses or they may be designed to increase your theoretical knowledge and in depth understanding over a longer period of time, perhaps through a part time postgraduate qualification.
We are always keen to discuss bespoke courses, these are often requested by businesses when there is a cohort of staff which needs training in a particular discipline. 
For example we have previously run specialist training in composite materials and cyber security, tailored to different businesses and their specialist teams.
For further information about the formalised courses that we offer or bespoke requests please contact us.

Want to build your best team yet?

Supercharge your business with a free skills analysis. With an industry-led approach, we can identify skills needs within your business and provide bespoke solutions with a free Workplace Needs Assessment.
Helping you:
  • attract and retain the best talent
  • excel in leadership and staff development
  • embed succession planning.
Workplace Needs Assessments are currently free to all SMEs in Devon and Somerset.
Workplace needs assessments
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