Jackie Young BSc (Hons) Environmental Science alumni

Why become a Career Champion?

“Why did I choose to become a Career Champion? A few reasons spring to mind. Firstly, having gained so much from my own time at the University, I felt I had a lot to share from my own work experience; especially in the field of sustainability and environmental management where there are stories to be shared. I wanted to give something back. 

Secondly, I felt there were some ‘skills’ that weren’t well covered by academic courses and yet they crop up all the time professionally; things like the funding bids and press releases I have worked on and learned from and, lastly, working with someone outside the academic circle often inspires a broader view of the world. I took great delight in seeing the students I worked with grow in confidence and watched them going through shared experiences such as exams and graduation. Some have become great friends and a part of my wider circle of University links and I am grateful for this opportunity…it is something I hope to continue.”