International Strategy

Our aim is to deliver outstanding education that makes a difference, improving local, national and global communities.

Our University 2030 Strategy envisages the University of Plymouth as ‘a broad based international university of the region.’ We define this through the experience and diversity of our student and staff community; through curricula that equip our students as global citizens; through the global significance and reach of our research endeavour and because of our contribution to national and international discussions shaping policy and practice areas, most notably in addressing questions of social, economic and environmental sustainability. As such this strategy is relevant to all of our students, staff and partners, wherever and however they study, work and collaborate with us.

Professor Dafydd Moore, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International)

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Our strategy is encapsulated in the following five complementary and mutually reinforcing ambitions:

1. A thriving international student body:

We benefit from a growing number of international students, working in a diverse range of learning modes and settings in Plymouth and across the world.

  • | A vibrant and substantial international student population studying both in Plymouth and on Plymouth programmes across the globe

2. Research and knowledge exchange that is characterised by networks, partnerships and collaborations that span the globe:

Our researchers and their research is internationally connected and meaningfully engaged in solving pressing global challenges.

  • Ä Well-developed international research and knowledge exchange collaborations with industry, educational institutions, governments and charities overseas

3. Education characterised by globalised student experience:

Our students experience an education that broadens their knowledge, abilities and awareness as global citizens to the benefit of both their intellectual and personal growth.

  • ] Increased opportunities for and improved experience of international exchange, study and work abroad

4. Global Plymouth Community:

The Plymouth community is a welcoming and inclusive one whose members (staff and students and alumni) flourish and succeed and take pride in their University however and wherever they have engaged with it.

  • ` An inclusive and welcoming international student experience and a diverse international staff community

5. Our international activity focuses on and promotes sustainable practice:

How we engage with the world addresses the challenges of social and economic sustainability.

  • H Our engagement with the world demonstrably recognises our responsibilities and leadership in terms of sustainable development

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