PedRIO and TLS Completed Projects - Inclusive teaching and learning

Unconscious Bias: Promoting a culture change in higher education 

Debby Cotton, Jennie Winter, Rachel Jagger-Thomas, Laura Beahan (Educational Development, Resourcing, Diversity and Inclusion, Organisational Development)

Unconscious or implicit bias can be defined as stereotypical associations so subtle that people who hold them might not even be aware of them. This project aimed to develop a set of resources including a Seven Steps Series (electronic and hard copy) to assist staff in identifying and managing unconscious bias.

Investigation into the University experience of students who had been in Local Authority care and the support they received

Anne Stanley, Louise Baker, Nadine Johns (Care Leavers Service ) Debby Cotton, Pauline Kneale (PedRIO) 

Including the provision from the dedicated care leaver service. A resilience framework was constructed to identify those students most at risk of poor outcomes. Final research report.

The Gender and Ethnicity Attainment Gap: A comparative analysis

Mel Joyner and Debby Cotton (ED and the Faculty of Health and Human Sciences)

Research project report. Innovation in Education and Teaching Journal paper. 

Developing a web-based ‘one stop’ resource for staff and students 

Jennie Winter

This one-stop on line resource includes an research, and a wealth of resources to inclusive teaching and learning and widening participation at PU and to the support services available.

An online self-evaluation tool to support student retention

Debby Cotton

This online self-assessment tool (PU staff and students) – set up in Moodle - evaluates students’ early engagement with learning. It provides automated feedback, helping to identify students at risk and directing them to appropriate resources and sources of support.

Enhancing Inclusive Assessment in partnership with students 

Pollyanna Magne

The benefits of inclusive assessment are well documented, and pockets of good practice do exist, however there are high percentages of Modified Assessment Provisions (MAPs) in some disciplinary areas. The project produced a store of video clips and information to assist student support. Project report.

Untapped knowledge: learning from student enablers to develop inclusive practice guides 

Priska Schoenborn  

These inclusive teaching and learning guides provide straight-forward guidance and examples for teaching and supporting students more inclusively, and will be available via the website.