The Arts Institute Public Programme

The University has an updated visual identity. We are the University of Plymouth with a new logo based closely on our official Coat of Arms. It celebrates the University’s past, revisiting its origin as the School of Navigation, the symbolism of which is as relevant today as our students begin their voyage of discovery.

Such a sentiment speaks directly to the University’s public arts programme, in terms of celebrating both heritage and the contemporary and cutting-edge. It reinforces a voyage we’re about to take, in terms of a new arts and culture era, with the opening of the City’s international flagship venue, The Box, in 2020. It illuminates the University’s role in leading the research-informed and experimental strand of The Box, with which our Peninsula Arts audience has become so familiar.

We are taking such an opportunity to wear this badge proudly and provide relevance and clarity to new audiences regarding our offer to the City’s
arts and cultural agenda and aspirations. 

Therefore, we extend an invitation to join us in celebrating our consistent high-quality arts offering when in September 2018 we welcome old friends and newcomers alike as we now become, The Arts Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why has Peninsula Arts changed to The Arts Institute? 

We have become The Arts Institute as it articulates exactly what our public arts offering is - a University enriching and complementing the exciting arts and culture happening across the City through a researched-informed programme.   

Many of the academic contributors to our current programme sit within the University's existing Arts Institute, which houses multi-and interdisciplinary research and collaborations. We will now align formally, as the platform by which the community can access and engage with some fantastic work. 

It is also timely as the University of Plymouth updates its name and identity, whilst we also enter into a significant City partnership next year, whereby we will provide the cutting-edge and experimental contemporary arts element of The Box, Plymouth.

2. Will Peninsula Arts cease to exist?

Only in name. The public arts programme has already evolved over the last decade to become the distinct offering of contemporary arts, heritage and culture we have now. So, the 'Peninsula Arts' programme of exhibition, film, talks, music and performance remains, whilst the name changes. 

3. How will the name change affect me?

It shouldn't. You will see the new name on all of our material including the brochure and website. As a valued customer, you will continue to benefit from an enhanced programme of events that are closely linked to the University of Plymouth’s leading cutting-edge research.

4. Will the programme only be for academics? 

No, this remains a public arts programme. We welcome students, the community, families and artists and academics. There is something for everybody. It is about an experience, discovery and enjoyment!

5. Where will it take place?

We will use all the familiar venues and of course, from 2020 onwards – The Box, Plymouth.

6. Will the prices change? 

There are currently no plans to change ticket prices for events.

7. Will I still be a Peninsula Arts Friend?

We would love you to. Simply, you will not notice any immediate difference. You will become a Friend of The Arts Institute. Soon that will change too, to a two-tier scheme of either Friend or Member. Take a look at the associated benefits here.