Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2018

Festival cancelled

Due to the extreme adverse weather conditions, after careful consideration and for the safety of all performers and our audience, it is with regret that we are cancelling the festival this weekend. We aim to reschedule and will publicise this at our earliest convenience. Please contact the Box Office for any refunds.

The Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival, organised in partnership with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research (ICCMR) at Plymouth University, has developed a national reputation combining artistic creativity with scientific development, opening up new research opportunities and musical avenues that would not normally have been explored. 

Acting as a showcase for composers at the University, those previously involved include Alexis Kirke, Duncan Williams, David Bessell, David Strang, Mike McInerney, and John Matthias, as well as Peninsula Arts' resident musical ensemble, Peninsula Arts Sinfonietta.

The Festival is directed by Eduardo Reck Miranda, Professor in Computer Music at Plymouth University and Director of ICCMR.

Decoding Life

The Decoding Life is the theme of Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival (PACMF) 2018, which celebrates the internationally renowned research combining music, engineering and the life sciences developed at Plymouth University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research (ICCMR).

Decoding Life proposes a weekend of musical allusions to human endeavours to understand, modify, simulate and even create life.

Plymouth University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research (ICCMR)

ICCMR’s mission is to gain a better understanding of human biology and cognition from a musical perspective, and use this understanding to improve people’s lives. We are developing neuro-technology to control musical systems using brain signals, harnessing living organisms to build novel bio-electronic devices, studying how genetic structures resonate to music, and building interactive intelligent systems for musical creativity.


The composers involved in the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2018 include:

  • Alexis Kirke, member of the Plymouth University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research and is composer-in-residence for Plymouth University’s Marine Institute, award-winning composer and filmmaker
  • Duncan Williams, Research Fellow in Music with Artificial Intelligence at Plymouth University.  As a musician and composer, Duncan has been published across the globe and has performed both nationally and internationally, including studio and live prime-time television performance
  • Marcelo Gimenes, Researcher Fellow, Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate and Computer Generated Music Systems Developer
  • Núria Bonet, PhD student at ICCMR and composer of electroacoustic and instrumental music
  • Alan D Miles, ICCMR PhD research student
  • Archer Endrich, composer
  • Dr Markus Schmidt, Director of Biofaction
  • Richard Abbott, music publisher and composer.

Festival Director

Eduardo R Miranda

Eduardo R Miranda is Professor in Computer Music at Plymouth University and director of the celebrated Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research.

A classically trained composer and Artificial Intelligence scientist with an early involvement in electroacoustic and avant-garde pop music, Miranda’s distinctive work is informed by his unique background. 

In addition to concert music, he has composed for theatre and contemporary dance. The recording of his symphony Mind Pieces (available via and an accompanying e-book introducing his ideas about using computers to harness musical creativity, have recently been published by Intelligent Arts, New York (available now from Amazon and Apple).

Word is...

  • A "Anyone complaining that classical music is boring clearly needs to take a trip to Plymouth" Sinfini Music
  • . "It's all highly experimental, but the work being done does have practical, real-world consequences." The Creators Project, Vice Media
  • A "The festival teems with compositional creativity." New Statesman
  • . "One of the UK’s most innovative festivals of contemporary music." The Sampler
  • A "Firmly establishing itself as an important platform in the UK for new music." Seen and Heard International