Philippa Williams

Philippa Williams is the Vice President of Sport and Deputy President of the University of Plymouth Students’ Union. Philippa was elected into the role of Vice President of Sport in 2016, and the additional title of Deputy President in 2017. Being elected into the role of VP Sport for a second consecutive year, Philippa was elected on a mandate to improve student experiences within sports through; seeking to lobby for increased funding for clubs who reach high level competitions; increasing publicity of student engagement within clubs and social sport opportunities; and, to focus on the aim to improve sporting facilities for a wide range of students.

Philippa became involved in the Students’ Union during the first year of her undergraduate degree in Geography by joining the University of Plymouth Ladies Hockey Club. Philippa remained a member of this club throughout her undergraduate degree and took on the role of 1st team captain in her final year of study. Taking on the role as captain and the additional responsibilities and experience, inspired her to run for the role of VP Sports. Over the last academic year, her focus has been trying to engage more people in all levels of sporting activity, to contribute towards a strategy that is fully inclusive to all. This began with the introduction of the ‘Quiet Hour’ to the Sports and Societies fair in September.