Lowri Jones

Lowri Jones is the President of the University of Plymouth Students' Union (UPSU), elected by the student body to be in the role for one year. She was elected on a mandate to bring more opportunities for developing students’ global citizenship, making drinking safer through having a water station during SU club nights and online guides, and developing the relationship between students and permanent Plymouth residents. Furthermore, her role involves representing students and UPSU at numerous university meetings, being the first point of contact for external communications, sustainability and employability initiatives, and supporting the team of executive officers.

Prior to this, she studied Criminology with Criminal Justice Studies, with a particular interest in youth justice and social justice. During her time as a student, she was very active in a criminology-based society at the SU: Howard League for Penal Reform, for which she organised events, campaigned, volunteered, and was the Vice President of in her third year. She also helped restart the Welsh Society in her second year, becoming the President for the following year.