Barbara Fuller

Barbara Fuller is a Senior Support Administrator in the School of Marine Science and Engineering, within the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Barbara’s relationship with Plymouth University began in 1995 as an undergraduate gaining a BSc with Honours in Politics. During her final year, Barbara joined the School of Manufacturing, Materials and Mechanical Engineering as Senior School Secretary.

Barbara served as Health and Safety Branch Officer and accredited negotiating officer for UNISON at Plymouth University for eight years to 2014. Representing staff at Joint Collaborative Committee and the University Safety Committee; Barbara engaged with staff and the University, during a period of considerable organisational and structural change, in the best interests of the University, staff and students.  

Barbara has experienced the University as a student; and engages with students on a daily basis. As a mother of two daughters and a son, who have gone through higher education, she understands the issues which they and others encounter; and as a member of staff is aware of the pressure on the university to provide accessible, top-quality public higher education.   

Barbara Fuller was appointed to the Board following elections in 2015 as the Professional Staff representative.