From cutting-edge theatre productions to inspiring contemporary dance performances, The House is host to a variety of acclaimed choreographers and multi-award winning shows open to the public, all year round.

This state of the art performing arts centre is located on the University of Plymouth campus, in the city's central quarter, adjacent to the Plymouth City Museum and The Levinsky Gallery. 

Word is...

  • A "Raw energy, fury, vigour, passion. You can feel the energy of a whole community of people" Barbican Theatre. The Rising
  • . "Veldman sure knows how to pick all the right ingredients for a dance show" Dance Tabs. The Knot
  • . "A gently fascinating interactive's funny, too" Time Out. Beowulf
  • A "One of the brightest companies in British Dance" The Times. Anjali Dance Company

'Transformations' season at The Arts Institute

This season we continue with the theme of Transformations, an apt title as we launch our new name, The Arts Institute. The feeling of change is a very live issue, which we wanted to explore in terms of transformation, when a culture or a way of thinking undergoes a complete shift or turn around. This type of change is different to the revolutionary breaks or schisms we have explored in previous programmes, rather a transformation, at least in a cultural sense, is more often associated with a positive outcome.

This also includes the personal transformations we all undergo, whether through education or new experiences. Retaining the space to have these conversations is vital and we see The Arts Institute as providing an opportunity for you to participate in these discussions alongside experiencing the very best in culture here in Plymouth.

The House, Performing Arts Centre

The House is a state of the art performing arts centre. Providing a 200 seat flexible studio theatre, to provide greater access to performing arts in the city. Our programme of dance, theatre and performances are fresh off the block.

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