The University brand and tone of voice

Our values shape the University brand identity:

Pioneering: At heart, the University is pioneering. We are inspired by Plymouth’s heritage as a seafaring city. We are a hub of innovation and enterprise. Our work has the power to make a difference in the world.

Creative: We’re creative thinkers and problem solvers.

Spirited: We’re a dynamic and motivated organisation.

Empowering: We’re here to support and enable. 

Expert: We’re specialists in our field.

Connected: We’re collaborative and communicative.

The University’s values emerged from workshops with staff, stakeholder surveys and market research. The brand is at once an expression of the culture of the University and a formalisation of that culture. It also lights the way forward. The brand identity encompasses everything we do and communicate – how policies are formulated, the way we conduct business, the way that staff behave. 

Our formal constitution remains ‘the University of Plymouth’ and this wording will still be used in contracts and other legal documents. 

What is our tone of voice?

Our tone of voice is part of our brand. It’s the language we use, the manner in which we convey information, and the values we portray as an organisation in our written and spoken communications with each other and our audiences, whether they be prospective students, staff, businesses or others.

Tone of voice (tov) training course

The TOV course will help you to write powerfully and consistently, encouraging you to write in a distinct style that allows Plymouth University’s unique personality to shine through whatever the subject matter.

Plymouth University brand and tone of voice guidelines