IT service status

If you are experiencing an issue that is not listed in the sections below, or you have any questions concerning current issues or planned maintenance work, please contact the IT Service Desk by telephone on 01752 588588 or online using the IT Self Service portal.

Please note that this page is updated only during office hours (8am-6pm Monday to Friday). 

Planned maintenance

On Sunday 16th December between 07:00 and 09:00 Moodle/DLE will not be available to allow for essential maintenance to be carried out.

We apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused.

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(Announcements about planned maintenance to enhance the service, or work to prevent or mitigate the risk of a newly discovered issue that may otherwise cause a service failure)

All services are currently available.

Maintenance windows

(Planned periods of maintenance activity to facilitate improvements and upgrades to key IT services during which there may be a service disruption)

Digital Learning Environment/Moodle 07:00–09:00 every Tuesday
JANET (The University’s network) 07:00–09:00 every Tuesday
PEARL (The research repository) 08:00–09:00 every Wednesday
iTrent (HR system) 17:00–21:00 every Wednesday
IT Self Service portal 08:00–08:30 every Friday

Current IT Service issues

The OneDrive for Business Issue for missing files\data will be fixed by the next Microsoft patching update which will complete by end of December 2018. 

We are aware of an issue affecting Microsoft One Drive for business where, for a small group of users, OneDrive for business is moving data from the OneDrive to their ‘recycle bin’.

Please be assured that data is not being permanently deleted and can be securely recovered from your OneDrive ‘recycle bin’. Should you be unable to find your data file there, or in the ‘second stage recycle’ bin, then please contact the service desk and we will assist in your data recovery.

We can advise that in collaboration with our service partner Microsoft, a probable root cause and workaround has been identified. We will apply the workaround to the small number of people affected who have already contacted the IT Service desk.

More detailed information, for anyone who experiences this type of event, is available on and search on ‘data missing’

Should you have further concerns then please do contact the IT Service Desk using via +44(0)1752 588588 | Portal: | Web:

Thanks for your patience and feedback.

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(Services that are unavailable or have a significant degradation in performance)

All services are currently available.

Known problems

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(Advice about known problems which are either a design feature of the IT systems or software, or recommended workarounds for commonly occurring issues)

There are currently no known problems to report.