Office 365: OneDrive for Business

What is OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage service that allows you to store, edit, share and collaborate on your personal files and documents. It is a fully integrated part of Office 365, which means you can access, edit, and save your Office files all without having to download them to your computer. You can share and collaborate on work with students and staff and people external to the University, simply and securely.

Note: OneDrive is intended for your own personal working files. University staff who need to share and collaborate on documents with team/department/faculty etc. can do this in a Team Site

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Staff training course

For more details and to book a place see the Introduction to OneDrive for Business course page.

Office 365: OneDrive sync client

The best tool to manage files and folders from your Windows or Mac computer.

Access and manage your OneDrive files quickly and easily on your computer using the next-generation sync client.

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Where would I use it? Scenarios at University of Plymouth

I am an academic who often works on documents both at home and at work, and collaboratively with colleagues both within PU and at other institutes. I prefer to have a single up-to-date copy of each file rather than various copies spread around in my email and my laptop hard drive.

With OneDrive for Business, you can manage all your personal files in one place, access them from almost any internet-enabled device and control who can see and edit them. You can even see previous versions and track changes made by different contributors.

I am a University student who is working on a group assignment with fellow students

I can create a Word document using Office Online and share it with the other students in my group. We can work collaboratively together on the document and see comments and updates.  It also allows us to work on the document in real time and see each others edits as they happen. If we need to discuss any updates and changes we can start a Skype for Business instant messaging conversation from within the document.

What features does OneDrive for Business have?

  • Large Capacity - Store files of up to 15Gb in size, to a total storage capacity of 1Tb.
  • Accessible - Apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows devices to allow you to view and manage your files.
  • Versioning - View, download or restore a previous version of your Office files.
  • Integration with Office - automatically open and save files to your OneDrive straight from Office.

How do I use it?

  • OneDrive for Business can be accessed directly from your browser at, and files can be saved to OneDrive for Business from Office 2016 programs. 
  • You can also access it from the University portal by clicking on the OneDrive tile.
  • You can also install the OneDrive sync client to help manage your files directly from your computer.
  • On University staff computers OneDrive sync client is already installed Apple mac users can download and install from the App Store (Mac). 


OneDrive for Business is an enterprise service from Microsoft, so they protect any data we entrust with them. You use your Plymouth University login to access OneDrive for Business, rather than your own google or dropbox one. All data is stored in European servers and is subject to EU data security laws and regulations, such as EU Safe Harbour and EU Model Clauses.

Read more about Compliance. 

Office 365: Information management good practice

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