Office 365: Online Module Boxes for Administrators

Information for adminstrators

As a Faculty/School Administrator, you will be able to create Online Module Boxes and set the access permissions for academics and External Examiners within your School. The workflow is the key document outlining the process to be followed. Additional help sheets to support the process are also available below. 

Accessing online module boxes

Creating views and linking to Moodle

Adding academics and external examiners

Managing documents with no metadata and not checked in

Setting up a video channel for media samples 

Online Module Box Improvements

  • The semester code drop down is having the 17/ session codes added alpha-numerically. Staff will be able to choose their session from a drop down list or start typing 17/AY etc into a predictive text box to shorten the session options shown.
  • Each item on the document type list will have [OMB] added as a prefix, all document types will still be accessible using the tags icon as before, but also in the predictive text box you can type [OMB] and the list of document types will show underneath, reducing the number of clicks to see the document types available
  • All School Module Box titles will now include ‘Online Module Box’ at the start, to prevent confusion with School team sites
  • New Help and Guidance website, with videos, help sheets for all users (this website will be linked from every School Module Box)

  • An email template to send to staff before first use to highlight best practice, hints and tips for using module boxes for the first time
  • In some schools you have to click the title of the School twice to access the Module box, this will be changed and only one click required from the top level page
  • Academic awareness and training sessions scheduled for each School in both Semesters, so Academics can find out more or build their module box in the session with support
  • A new ‘Refresher and Troubleshooting’ session offered to Admin colleagues (a troubleshooting guide will be made available to Academics via the help website).

Hints and Tips

  • Please ensure the files you want to upload have the module code at the start (except sample work, each file doesn't need the module code, just the zip file that contains them all).
  • Put your sample work into a zip folder for each assignment. Name the zip file with the module code and assessment name (a quick video on how to create a zip file).
  • Please don't use drag and drop, use the 'upload' option.
  • Ensure you enter the module code and session code carefully when asked to during the upload process.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

An academic has uploaded files, but admin can’t see them

  • Go to library

  • Library settings

  • Click Manage files which have no checked in version

  • You can see which files have been uploaded, but where the academic has not finished the process of tagging or checking in

  • You can either take ownership of the file or take the details and contact the academic with what they need to do

  • Video of the process

The external examiner can’t see the module box  

  • Check they have been added as a visitor on the school module box

  • Check the external has been added to the Moodle site

  • Does the External have a discretionary IT account

An academic can’t see their module box

  • Has the academic been added to the school module box area as a member?

  • Has a module box view been setup and has it been linked to Moodle