Office 365: Team sites

This information is for University staff and students only

What is a Team site?

These sites are a cloud-hosted replacement to team shared drives and communities and are an area to create, store and share everyday working files.

What can I store on a site?

You can upload and create documents and files, and create and manage a wide range of content including a calendar, task list, picture library, web page, discussion board, links list and announcements and news. University-wide documents can be published to the Official Document Centre making them easy to find and ensuring that only the latest version is available to staff and students.

How will they be set up?

Plymouth University sites will be created based on the current Plymouth University structure. There will be a site for each directorate and faculty, department and school, and each individual team within them (see below).

  • Directorate
    • Department
      • Team
  • Faculty
    • School
      • Team

How will Team sites be rolled out?

Plymouth University sites will be rolled out department by department to provide training & support while you set up a site that meets your local needs and migrate data to that site.

There will also be cross-institutional sites for functions that do not sit in a particular area:

  • University committees
  • Design and print
  • Online module boxes

  • Research
  • Special interest groups (ASTI)
  • Pals

Setting up your Team site - training guides for site Admins

This section contains guidance and help for site administrators on how to setup and structure your site.

Note:  Admins must not add any non-Windows apps to their sites as the use of these apps may result in University data being transferred to, stored, or processed in any country where the app publisher, its affiliates or service providers maintain facilities. More information can be found here: Buy an app from the SharePoint Store.