Office 365: Advanced techniques in Plymouth University sites

Advanced Library techniques

These links will cover some further settings to help manage more complex or specialised document libraries.

Calculated column

Calculate data in lists or libraries

Lookup column from a list

Create a list

Create a lookup column (expand the Lookup column type in the list)

Information management policies

Introduction to information management policies

Create and apply information management policies


Set a file template for a document or form library

Add multiple Office templates to a document library 

Content types

Introduction to Content Types

Document approval

Using document approval in a library


Introduction to document versioning

How does versioning work?

Switching on versioning in a list or library

Using check in and check out in a library

Top questions on check in/check out

Switching on check in/check out in a library

Using check in/check out

Managing large lists and libraries (over 5000 items)