Green Travel Plan

What do we do?

The University has a long-standing commitment to the protection of the environment. In an attempt to minimise the impact of travel by car on its campus and the local environment, the University, with the co-operation of local public transport operators and Plymouth City Council, has developed a Green Travel Plan. We are committed to campus practices that contribute to the achievement of cultural, economic and social sustainability. Our aims include developing green spaces as the campus is both a learning tool and an extension of the learning environment. We have made excellent progress on campus in improving public spaces and creating a pedestrian first ethos. We will continue to develop the sustainable aspects of our Travel Plan, a key strategic objective of which is to reduce car dependency and usage associated with commuting.

We have commissioned extensive surveys of staff and student travel patterns. The results of these surveys have fed into the plan’s development.

It is intended that the number of car journeys to/from campus will be reduced by:

  • encouraging staff, students and visitors to use public transport
  • providing facilities for cyclists
  • encouraging car sharing and Park and Ride schemes
  • charging car users to park on the campuses.

Green travel incentives

Park and Ride

We provide incentives for staff use of the local Park and Ride schemes, through the sale of substantially subsidised multi-tickets. These are available from Main Reception, Roland Levinsky Building.

Travel by bicycle

We continue to invest in the provision of cycle stands on campus, and where local conditions permit, covered provision has been made. Use of showers and a locker facility is available and are allocated on a first come first served basis from the Nancy Astor Sports Centre.

Car sharing

We have set up a private group within the Devon Car Share scheme for staff and students to identify possible candidates for car sharing.

You can access the scheme at or by going to

As these incentives are only available to members of the University community, further information including current prices of passes can only be accessed via the intranet.

Who are we?

Sarah Haywood – Facilities Manager

Sam Davies – Administration Team Leader