Celebrating women's roles in the University and beyond

For International Women's Day 2018, we reflect on the stories, achievements and roles of women

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Natassia Richardson

Marketing professional, international relations postgraduate student

A positive voice to inspire and empower equality – Meet Natassia

"I would always want my future children, and my friends, to believe that you can be absolutely anything if you believe in yourself. Just have faith and keep pushing forward."

Natasha Stephen

Lecturer in Advanced Analysis (Earth and Planetary Sciences) within the Department of Earth Sciences, Project Director for the Plymouth Materials Characterisation Project within the Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre

Researching the geological evolution of Mars and other volcanic regions in the solar system – Meet Natasha

"I wanted something a little more exotic and had always been fascinated by space – so I chose to study Mars."

Rebecca Lee

University Digital Manager, project owner, guest lecturer and artist

A passion for digital challenges that inspires followers both on and offline – Meet Rebecca

"If you love your subject and know what you’re talking about, you can do it. It gives you that confidence to stand up, get on with it and really enjoy it."

Lucy Obolensky

Medical doctor, Associate lecturer, Programme lead Global and Remote Healthcare Masters

The sky's the limit for Planet Earth II doctor – Meet Lucy

"Working overseas makes such a difference to the communities, ourselves as professionals and, indeed, our patients in the UK."

Hannah Hawkey

RockFit entrepreneur, dance and fitness instructor, performance training graduate

Harnessing the power of music to improve people's health – Meet Hannah

"Find your niche and just go for it! It takes a lot of courage to truly follow your passions and not to be bound by what you, or others, think."

Zoe Waring

British Antarctic Survey Marine Assistant, ocean science and marine conservation graduate

Searching for answers on the other side of the world – Meet Zoe

"It’s very hard to describe what it is like to live in Antarctica year round, as there is nothing quite like it."

Rachael Walsh

Mitigation Specialist, Northeast Georgia Regional Capital Defender, LLB (Hons) Law graduate 

Finding human truths in the face of the death penalty – Meet Rachael

"It can be difficult to sit in a room with someone, knowing what they stand accused of. But it is part of the job. You cannot judge them by your own standards."

Avril Bellinger

Chair of Students and Refugees Together (START), Social Work Practice Learning Co-Ordinator, Honorary Senior Lecturer (Senior Professor)

Making a world of difference for refugees in Plymouth and the South West – Meet Avril

"We wanted to be the friendly faces that these refugees saw in a world where they had hardly had any help at all."

Emma Sheehan

Marine ecologist, Marine Institute Research Fellow

Researching marine ecology to inform environmental management – Meet Emma

"My research team studies human impact on marine ecosystems to inform environmental policy and management."

Polly Macpherson

Associate Head of School (Enterprise), Associate Professor Design, Designer Maker, Practitioner and Creative Industries Facilitator

A conduit between academia, researchers and the creative industries – Meet Polly

"I'm interested in how things can be made ethically and sustainably – to teach this and nurture individuals to develop original creative voices."

Celebrating the strength of ‘ordinary’ women on International Women’s Day

I want to remember and acknowledge the strength and achievements of women, particularly those in the South West (including Plymouth) during the Great War... appreciating the impact that a community of women who came together to work for their country had.

A think piece from Dr Judith Rowbotham