Widening Access to Medical School (WAMS)

We believe that you shouldn’t feel that you can’t pursue your ambition to be a doctor because of your family or school circumstances.

WAMS is a student-led organisation that inspires and encourages school students to apply to medical school, especially those from non-traditional backgrounds.

Members were once applicants to medical or dental courses themselves. So they each know just how daunting a task applying can seem, with many hoops to jump through and boxes to tick.

“Sometimes a visit from us will start school students thinking about university education, when they haven’t before. We consider it a job well done, even when they don’t want to study medicine. Volunteering for WAMS looks great on our CVs, but it’s also a lot of fun to teach school students, and sometimes even their teachers. We hope it means that medical schools never miss out on students with the potential to become amazing doctors.”
‑ Abigail Carey, WAMS President 2012-13

Run by a volunteer student committee, with input from PU PSMD’s widening participation lead, WAMS organise and/or attend almost all PU PSMD widening participation events and are in contact with most schools in Devon and Cornwall, plus some in Somerset.

To help you make your application, WAMS run a series of free of charge widening participation activities, including:

  • workshops explaining the process of applying to medical school, with advice and personal experience from a range of student volunteers
  • practice interview sessions
  • sessions with teachers, so they can support their students through the application process.

They also:

  • attend careers fairs and assemblies
  • debunk some of the myths surrounding medical school, such as 'only private/grammar school students are accepted' or 'doctors’ children get priority'
  • read personal statement drafts for those applying to medical school.

For more information or to take part in one of the schemes above, contact the WAMS Widening Participation Officer at psmd-outreach@plymouth.ac.uk.