Widening access

From being mentored by current students to joining us for a week so you can get a taste of student life, access a series of initiatives designed to raise your aspirations and awareness. Open up your route to studying medicine or dentistry.

Widening Access to Medical School (WAMS)

You shouldn’t feel that you can’t pursue your ambition to be a doctor because of your family or school circumstances. 

WAMS inspires and encourages school students to apply to medical school.

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e-Mentoring Scheme

It is so nice to know that someone is there for any questions that pop up or any support or guidance that I may need.

Mentee, Year 11 pupil, Truro School

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British Science Week

As part of British Science Week we invite schools to take part in our ‘Science Lab for Schools’ programme where as a year 9 you will get to meet staff and students carrying out research into diseases such as cancer, and take part in laboratory based activities using medical research techniques. Extract DNA from a banana, learn how we culture cells and see how the fruit fly model helps us understand human disease.

"I found all the activities very interesting and learnt a lot of new things. I felt well engaged - I plan on taking a science career in the future, and this made me love science more."
Year 9 pupil feedback 2014

Nuffield Research placements

Over 1,000 opportunities are available annually to work alongside scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians as part of the Nuffield Foundation’s research placements. If you are 16 plus and in the first year of your science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) course you are eligible to apply. Placements are available across the UK including with us.

As a Nuffield research placement holder at PU PSMD you will have the opportunity to spend up to six weeks working on your own project alongside our researchers in our research laboratory. To apply or to find out more about the scheme visit the Nuffield website: www.nuffieldresearchplacements.org or contact the regional co-ordinator Rachel Delourme rdelourme@cornwall.gov.uk

Outreach events

Students on the human and health programmes have an opportunity to become involved in outreach events for primary and secondary school children, and the wider public.

Our students are involved in promoting and generating interest in science at the Scitech Showcase event, Big Bang South West, Pathways to Health, and many more.

Plymouth Children’s University

If you are aged between 5 – 14 years old the Children’s University offers a “Passport to Learning” where you can travel to various learning destinations and collect hours of learning towards nationally recognised awards.

As part of this national scheme to raise aspirations and encourage engagement with learning, PU PSMD in partnership with Plymouth Children’s University offer as a ‘learning destination’ workshops to children. The aspiration building activities cover topics such as a Teddy Bear Hospital workshop and Asthma & Airways.

You will be rewarded for your participation at a graduation ceremony with Plymouth University.

Millfields Inspired

Created by the Millfields Trust, Millfields Inspired is a charity working with six primary schools in the Stonehouse are of Plymouth. The charity aims to get Year 5 students thinking about the world of education and work. Supported by PU PSMD this programme, if you are a Year 5 pupil from these schools, you may be invited to take part in various hands on workshop based activities.

The programme is delivered by our own students with a strong, positive message to the pupils taking part – that this could be them in the not too distant future, helping to make future opportunities very realistic and achievable.