Peninsula Medical Foundation

Sustaining a thriving research and teaching environment for the brightest and best in healthcare and pioneering medicine

<p>Foram Dave</p>
Growing research teams with PhD studentships
<p>Derriford Research Facility</p>
Providing state of the art equipment at the Derriford Research Facility
<p>Peninsula Medical Foundation</p>
Funding tomorrow’s doctors and dentists with student bursaries
<p>Plymouth University Peninsula Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry</p>
Giving where the need is greatest via the Research Excellence Fund

Your support for the future 

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry are fantastic, providing support for the health services of Devon and Cornwall now, and preparing to conquer new peaks of achievement through their exceptional research in the future. 

They really do deserve your support, through the Peninsula Medical Foundation, for their work; we all may benefit from it in years to come.” 

Colonel Edward Bolitho OBE, Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall

Peninsula Medical Foundation is a Registered Charity No.1060423.