Community and primary care

Continuing professional development (CPD) is fundamental for community and primary care practitioners to develop the skills and knowledge to care for patients with increasingly complex needs. 

Participation in CPD ensures that skills and knowledge are based on the latest evidence and also leads to improvements in patient care. Learning together with a variety of healthcare professionals enhances integration helping different disciplines to work successfully across organisational boundaries.

Our community and primary care team offers a number of programmes and study days throughout the year to support employers and practitioners with their education and training needs.

The community and primary care team at Plymouth University have a national reputation for the innovation and excellence of its provision. With the team having developed from both general practice and community nursing roots and now being driven forward with a multi-professional focused team - we provide education that is directly linked to practice needs and is founded upon the latest evidence based practice. 

Our success in developing a highly skilled, autonomous community and primary team has been heralded nationally and as a result we have played a significant role in influencing policy and workforce initiatives; not just locally but nationally. 

The team has developed a wide profile of education and activities details of which can be accessed below.

Study days

Our portfolio of CPD provision is extending all of the time based on your requests, and we are able to offer the following study days.

What our stakeholders think

We enjoy a good relationship with our key stakeholders, nurses, GPs and Practice Managers and it is great to receive excellent feedback. Find out more about what our stakeholders think.

Supporting other regions

We have helped national policy makers and local trusts plan workforce development initiatives in the area of community and primary care nursing. Find out about how we support other regions.