PG research - history

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Current PhDs  

Amy Robson, ‘Dogs and Domesticity: Reading Canines in Victorian Visual Culture ‘
Douglas Watson, ‘The Road to Learning: Re-evaluating the Mechanics' Institutes Movement’
Gareth Jones, ‘A History of the Development of Nuclear Engineering in the Royal Navy, 1946-1975’
Jennifer Fraser ‘A Strategy of Distinction: Cultural Identity and the Carews of Antony’
Current ResMs  

Glyn Potter, ‘Imagining and Preparing for War 1926-1939’
Mark Millard , ‘The English Settlement of St Christopher, 1624–1629’.
Tracy Castle, ‘Strength to kiss the road and say in faith thy will be done’.
PhD Completions  

  • Andrew Holborn, ‘56th Infantry Brigade and D-Day: An Independent Infantry Brigade and the Campaign in North West Europe 1944-1945’
  • Barbara Bond, ‘MI9's Escape and Evasion Mapping Programme 1939-1945’.
  • Bernd Raeke, ‘German-German Relationships in the Fields of Sport with Particular Reference to the Olympic Games 1952-1972’.
  • Bruna Gushurst-Moore, ‘A Garden in Her Cups: Botanical Medicines of the Anglo-American Home, C.1580-1800’.
  • Christopher Davies, ‘John Hoyland: The Making and Sustaining of a Career, 1960-82’.
  • Edward Gosling, ‘Tommy Atkins, War Office Reform and the Social and Cultural Presence of the Late-Victorian Army in Britain, c.1868-1899’.
  • Ian Cooper, ‘Networks, News and Communication: Political Elites and Community Relations in Elizabethan Devon, 1588-1603’.
  • Jacqueline Bryon, ‘Authority and Crime, 1835-1860: A Comparison between Exmouth and Torquay’.
  • Khairul Ismail, ‘Pudu Jail's Graffiti: Beyond the Prison Cells’.
  • Louis Devine, ‘The British Way of War in North West Europe 1944-45: A Study of Two Infantry Divisions’.
  • Neal Dando, ‘The Impact of Terrain on British Operations and Doctrine in North Africa 1940-1943’.
  • Nikki Frater, ‘Rex Whistler (1905-1944): Patronage and Artistic Identity’.
  • Rebecca Emmett, ‘Networks of Print, Patronage and Religion in England and Scotland 1580-1604: The Career of Robert Waldegrave’.
  • Susan Skinner, ‘A History of the Cornish Male Voice Choir: The Relationship between Music, Place & Culture’
  • Tom Keene, ‘Beset by Secrecy and Beleaguered by Rivals: The Special Operations Executive and Military Operations in Western Europe 1940-1942 with Special Reference to Operation Frankton’