Port Eliot Festival: creating opportunities

The Port Eliot Festival is a true cultural icon. Every July, people from across the world travel to a small village in south east Cornwall to see famous faces from the realms of music, art, literature, food and more. But where Port Eliot differs from other festivals is that it offers the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere and indulge in new and exciting creative experiences. 

2017 marks the third year of our expanding partnership with the festival, a collaboration coordinated by the Creative Cultivator unit. Students and academic staff will work alongside established professionals to stage workshops in a range of craft and design practices, create a daily newspaper for the festival and collaborate with Creative Kernow to showcase the best of Cornish creativity. Meanwhile, academics from across the arts and sciences will showcase their world-leading research as part of Science events in the iconic Port Eliot Round Room. 

Take a peak at Port Eliot

Staff and students talk about their involvement in the 2016 festival.