Writing and Making an Impact workshops
  • Room 213, Rolle Building (room free from 13:00)

  • Room 204, Rolle Building (room free from 13:00)

  • Room 214, Rolle Building (room free from 13:00)

  • Room 204, Rolle Building (room free from 13:00)

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Writing and Making an Impact is a series of workshops lead by Professors  Jos Latour and Ruth Endacott which aim to support IHC researchers, University of Plymouth staff and PhD students to communicate their results of innovative research projects to the international community by publishing an article or presenting at conferences.

With the upcoming REF2021, the workshops will provide the participants with an understanding of the writing process and publishing 3- or 4-star REF papers. The content of your papers can be the results of a study, a systematic review, a critical reflection, or a recommendation paper with international colleagues.

The series of four workshops are designed with lectures and hand-on writing time and will cover the process from idea to submission. Also, details on how to increase the impact and dissemination of your papers will be covered as well as writing an abstract for conferences and designing award winning posters.

The workshops are organised by the Institute of Health and Community and the ImPACT research group.

  • The duration per workshop is three hours with a maximum of 12 participants accepted on each.
  • You need to register for every individual workshop - please select and register via the above link.
  • Please bring your laptop for the hands-on sessions.

Monday 8 April | Workshop 1: The journey to the right journal with the right manuscript


  • The right words: Writing your idea on a white blank page
  • Follow the leader: Obeying the authors’ guidelines
  • Mind the gap: plagiarism, referencing, and copyright
  • Stars in the sky: Reflections on REF star ratings

Come along with your idea or results of a project and the hands-on training provides you with a foundation of what and how to publish. We offer help on how you can start your writing journey towards a successful 3- or 4-star paper.

Monday 13 May | Workshop 2: The journey to acceptance and ensuring your article has impact


  • Less is better: Finetuning the content and pages
  • The true pages: Replying to your article’s proof
  • Online ahead of print: the start of making an impact


Come along with your nearly finished manuscript and we will support you through the finishing touches and the submitting process. We also provide practical examples of how to reply to reviewers’ comments and discuss strategies to create the maximum impact with your article.

Monday 10 June | Workshop 3: Tell the world - Writing an abstract for conferences


  • Target the right conference
  • Check the abstract guidelines – and deadline
  • Using 250 words to make an impact


Come along and we will provide a hands-on session to write and finish your award-winning abstract in 45 minutes.

Monday 17 June | Workshop 4: Tell the world - Design an award-winning conference poster


  • Following conference poster guidelines
  • Involving medical photography
  • Differentiating between poster presentation or poster oral


Come along and if you attended workshop 3 you could use your abstract and convert this into a poster.

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