World Oceans Day Festival
  • National Marine Aquarium Plaza

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To celebrate World Oceans Day 2019, the National Marine Aquarium will be hosting a festival-style event, run by two representatives from the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council.  Third year ocean science and marine conservation student Laura Park is one of the organisers. 

The festival will include games, stalls, a beach clean, live music and face painting activities at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. 

The event is partnering with Rockfish, the Environment Agency, the Aquarium and certain NGO’s such as Devon Wildlife Trust and Surfers Against Sewage coming to be represented on the day. 

The theme for World Oceans Day this year is plastic pollution.  The youth advisory council team have created a Plogging (picking up litter as you jog) toolkit. The toolkit is available on the World Oceans Day website and free to download at any time along with other useful resources.

This is a free event, open to all. 

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"Being a global ambassador for World Oceans Day as part of the Youth Advisory Council has allowed me to reach out to a global audience on education about marine pollution and general conservation of our oceans. By networking with other council members around the world and my fellow council member in the UK, I have been able to share my knowledge and experiences and also develop my efforts through my fellow colleagues expertise."

Laura Park, third year BSc (Hons) Ocean Science and Marine Conservation student and festival organiser