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We’re giving you a real variety of foods from across the world this month to tantalise your taste buds - from Brazil, to the Caribbean and then back to Britain for a week of afternoon tea, and all within walking distance in one of our award-winning cafés and restaurants!

2016 Olympic Games, Rio: 5-21 August

This month we’re excited for the Olympic Games in Rio where athletes from across the globe will compete in 42 Olympic sports over the course of 19 days of competition. Don’t miss it! You can watch some of the events on screen in our restaurants while trying out our Brazilian dishes. 

Afternoon Tea Week: 8-12 August

It’s official! This week we eat cake and drink tea every day! We’ll have a variety of home baked sweet treats throughout the week, including the traditional scone with cream and jam – how do you eat yours? #jamorcreamfirst

Celebrating Honey Day: 18 August

Honey themed treats in our cafés linked to our Bee themed Make and Take in Drake’s Place Gardens.

Caribbean Food Week: 22-26 August

Enjoy a taste of the tropics in Drake's Kitchen as our talented chefs cook up a range of Caribbean dishes, available throughout the week.

BBQ at Drake's Place Reservoir

  • Every Thursday 12pm-2pm
  • Check our Facebook page for updates
  • Meat and vegetarian options available

Veg of the month: Peppers

Peppers have become part of our everyday cooking, popular in salads, stir fries and pasta dishes. Whatever colour they are, they're all the same variety, but have been allowed to ripen to different degrees; green are the youngest and sharpest, followed by yellow, orange and then red, which are the sweetest.

Red peppers are said to have lots of health benefits, from supporting your night vision to preventing anaemia as they contain vitamin B6 and folate.

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Today's events

Meal Deals

Don’t forget our fantastic £3 and £4 Meal Deals are available in all our cafés on campus.

Loyalty cards and student/staff discounts

Did you know that if you use your student or staff card to pay for food or drink in any of our cafés you will get 10% discount on all purchases, excluding Meal Deals.

And don’t forget to ask our friendly staff for your loyalty card at any one of our campus cafés to get your 9th drink absolutely free!

Spree Voucher books

Spree Voucher books are now on sale in the University cafés for only £15 each. Get your copy now and help support Brain Tumour Research!

Event photography and video
Please be aware that some of the University of Plymouth's public events may be attended by University photographers and videographers, for capturing content to be used in University online and offline marketing and promotional materials, for example webpages, brochures or leaflets. If for whatever reason, you or a member of your group, do not wish to be photographed, please make yourself known to staff working at the event on arrival or to the photographer.