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Biography: Helen Lloyd

Dr Helen Lloyd is a PenCLAHRC Senior Research Fellow (Qualitative) in the Institute of Translational and Stratified Medicine at the University of Plymouth. A central theme of her work with PenCLAHRC focuses on complex interventions and experiences of care. She is currently co-leading the Person Centred Coordinated Care (PCCC) collaborative with Professor Richard Byng. The aims of this work involve creating a shared understanding and a taxonomy of components of PCCC to map the different ways in which models deliver this type of care. Helen and Richard are also using practice-based innovation to build robust theory about what forms of PCCC work for whom in what circumstances. Helen is also supporting the activity of several projects across the CLAHRC. The Partners 2 study is a multi-site PGfAR funded study developing and piloting a system of primary care based collaborative care for people with severe mental illness.

Biography: Ben Fosh

Ben Fosh is a PenCLAHRC Research Assistant based within the Peninsula Medical School at the University of Plymouth. His research interest is in primary care, applied clinical research, statistics, data analysis, and probability theory.

Workshop hosts

Biography: Felix Gradinger

Dr Felix Gradinger is Researcher in Residence within the Institute of Translational and Stratified Medicine at the University of Plymouth. He has a multidisciplinary background in the Humanities, Medical Sociology, Clinical Psychology and experience in clinical (sleep disorders, mental health) and non-clinical research (public health, systematic reviews, implementation science, public involvement). As a Researcher in Residence, Felix's role involves talking to key stakeholders and members of the public, and includes developing an overarching theory for how the system is responding to local initiatives and their potential impact on the experience of integrated care.

Biography: Julian Elston

Dr Julian Elston is a Researcher in Residence with the Community and Primary Care Research Group at Plymouth University. He is based at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. He has a background in Biomedical science, Public Health and Health Services and has worked in the voluntary sector, academia and the NHS. He is a Consultant in Public Health with an interest in health inequalities, screening and immunization. He has experience of clinical and non-clinical primary and secondary research on a range of public health, biomedical and health services issues, including partnership working and organisational and service integration. As a Researcher in Residence, Julian is working with the Trust to evaluate its new model of care as well as developing mid-range Realist theory on how two key innovations - enhanced intermediate care and social prescribing - are benefiting patient experience and impacting on service use.

Biography: Edmund Jack

Dr Edmund Jack is a GP partner at Yealm Medical Centre and works for PenCLAHRC (The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) South West Peninsula as a Clinical Champion for Making Sense of Evidence. He uses his knowledge and experience of primary care to help consider how research can be applied in a practical, clinical setting. He has worked with groups of patients, allied health professionals and doctors across the South-West. This has lead to him developing ideas around how to apply research in practice to patients with multimorbidity and thinking about how this can be taught. He’s developing this with colleagues in PenCLAHRC and the Community and Primary Care Research Group at the University of Plymouth.