Revalidation Seminar @ Plymouth University
  • Room 605, Rolle Building, Plymouth University

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Revalidation is the process which all nurses and midwives in the UK need to complete every three years to maintain their registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Following on from the very successful Revalidation Conference held at the University in April 2016, the organisers of this follow-on event hope that it will be just as stimulating and enjoyable for everyone.

Unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances, the key speakers Jackie Smith and Dr Julian Archer were unable to attend, to update on the progress of Revalidation from an NMC and GMC perspective. However, an overview was given of the progress at Plymouth University and the NMC, and Dr Archer’s presentation was shared with the delegates. This was followed by interesting and informative presentations on initiatives being undertaken in connection with revalidation at Plymouth University – including Schwartz Rounds, reflective discussions and a research project. After coffee, the delegates had the opportunity to participate in a round table discussion which proved informative and helpful, and gave both students and those who had not yet participated in the revalidation process the opportunity to learn and share with academic and clinical registrants.

A sample of comments included:

You’ve provided me with a retort to my manager who feels nursing is not an academic profession! Academic is not just writing things down, clinical  practice is academic because it’s evidence-based.

Very useful in understanding the reflection process!

Very inspiring.

Interesting to know about research.

Really interesting to hear from so many different perspectives.

Role of confirmer and reflective partner and how this depends on the organisation as to who it is and the robustness of processes around it.

Being able to network with colleagues, professionals and students.

Learning about the revalidation practice from different angles.

I enjoyed the roundtable discussion and learned a lot about revalidation; it was good to ask questions and get feedback.

Schwartz – very useful and interesting.

The necessity of sharing and exploring in a safe and positive environment.

There was quite a lot of tweeting using our hashtag #snamrv too. Many tweets saved/favourited/re-tweeted by people beyond our organisation and locality! So some positive sharing and amplification across the internet too!

Find our more in our press release.

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