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1% of the population currently live with undiagnosed liver disease – equal to around 600,000 individuals. Globally, the data reveals a startling picture where middle- and higher-income countries are most affected by fatty liver disease caused by lifestyle (alcohol and obesity). Even more concerning is the correlation found between these forms of liver disease and areas of depravation in cities.

Our lifestyle choices can have a significant impact on our likelihood of developing liver diseases, but how much do we really know about these life-changing health issues?

Hear from leading experts and take part in hands-on workshops to learn how to protect your liver, what is involved in clinical trials on the subject, and the leading research carried out at the University of Plymouth on this topic.


13:00 | Welcome address by Dr Ashwin Dhanda and interactive voting

13:15 | Interactive workshops and research showcase

  • 'Alcohol: know your units'
    by Louise Dunn and Christina Vinson from the Alcohol Liaision Service in the University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust's Hepatology Nursing Team

  • 'Diet: how nutrition supports a healthy liver'
    by Rebecca Briggs, Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitian at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

14:15 | Public health initiatives by Mr Gary Wallace, Public Health Specialist for Plymouth City Council

14:45 | Patient experience talk

15:15 | Conclusion with interactive voting

Who is this event for? 
This event will be suitable for any interested member of the public as well as healthcare professionals, working in community or hospital care, such as physiotherapists, dieticians, nurses and GPs.

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Hepatology Research Group

The hepatology research group (HRG) is an integral part of the Institute of Translational and Stratified Medicine (ITSMed). We utilise state of the art laboratory facilities based in the John Bull Building, and the world class clinical research strengths of the Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences and Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHNT).

We work in unison with the South West Liver Unit, at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, providing a full range and secondary, tertiary and community Hepatology services to the South West region, including assessment for liver transplantation, TIPS and liver cancer therapy.

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