Remapping the Boundaries of Identity

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Identities, whether they are self-constructed or imposed, individual or collective, are bound by certain dimensions or criteria. Boundaries, however, can be fluid, regardless of the rigidity with which they have been established or the rigidity with which they are maintained. And all boundaries, however strict, should be interrogated. 

This conference seeks to highlight the degree to which the fluidity of identity can be manipulated and explores how boundaries may be reconsidered and expanded. We are especially interested in how literature can challenge the uniformity and conformity of identity, how constructed identities can distort the reality and perception of peoples, voices, and histories, and how identities can be situationally dependent.

 The goal of this conference is to provide a cross-disciplinary space for postgraduate research students and early career researchers to share their research.

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10:00-10:45 | Conference introduction by Emilia Boone, followed by keynote Dr Rosemarie Corlett

10:45-12:30 | Parallel Panels (Panels 1 and 2)

Panel 1: Remapping Gender (chaired by Ivan Pope)

  • Ian Blackwell, ‘The role of community dads’ groups in shaping and affirming progressive fathering identities’
  • Emilia Boone, ‘Richard Johnson's 'Tom a Lincoln': How Masculinity is Defined Against Transgressive and Violent Women’
  • Ceyda Temurok, ‘Everywhere at Once: Fluid Diasporic Identities in Jeffrey Eugenides’s Middlesex (2002)’

Panel 2: Remapping Figures in History, Literature, and Art (chaired by Joshua Schouten de Jel)

  • Kate Glew, ‘Anne Askew: (re)Writing and (re)Constructing a Tudor Protestant Martyr in Fiction’
  • Debadrita Saha, ‘The woman who defied caste boundaries and became the matriarch of the Kshatriya Kuru clan: revisiting Satyavati in Vyasa’s The Mahabharata’
  • Xinyuan Qiu, ‘Hogarth’s Milkmaids: Liminal Figures Embodying the Fluidity of Social Boundaries in an Age Undermined by Plague’

12:30-13:30 | Lunch

13:30-15:15 | Parallel Panels (Panels 3 and 4)

Panel 3: Remapping Place, Space, and Belonging (chaired by: TBC)

  • Ichrak Issaoui and Ilhem Issaoui ‘“I am not from the Old Country. I’m an American” Ethnic Identity Formation in Anzia Yezierska’s Memoirs’
  • Fernando A R Vinueza, ‘Connections and interactions between official and alternative narratives of identity: The case of Lithuania’
  • Ishak Berrebah, ‘Deconstructing Anxious Identity through the Concept of Home in Hala Alyan’s Salt Houses (2017)’

Panel 4: Remapping Sexualities (chaired by Kate Glew)

  • Evan Zhao, ‘(Re)Orienting Anti-Politics: Western Queer Desire under Chinese Authoritarianism’
  • Paige Webb, ‘The Contingencies within Intersectional Identities: Anaïs Duplan’s (Trans) Poetics’
  • Andy Carolin, ‘Mapping same-sex sexualities in the Indian diaspora: Historical and contemporary cultural flows in two post-apartheid novels’

15:15-15:45 | Break

15:45-17:00 | Roundtable (chaired by: TBC)


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