Practical Politics: Insights and Observations from the Front Lines
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This new seminar series sponsored by the School of Government brings in speakers, all politically active, who will relate their personal experience and share practical knowledge and insights of real world politics. Additionally, they will help students form an idea from how they can get involved to politics to how it really works. 

Topics can include (but certainly are not limited to) how the speaker first became involved in politics to illustrate a potential pathway for interested students, and what their experience in politics has been like. How does democracy function at the council or parliamentary levels? What is career progression like through these institutions? What is needed to get selected to stand for election, and what barriers exist? What does it take to get elected, and re-elected? Alternatively, how does one reach a level of responsibility on a campaign in the ‘back room’? 

Speakers will talk for about 30 minutes and each seminar will be followed by a Q&A from the audience. Each session runs for one hour.

The series is aimed at Plymouth University students from the Faculty of Business.

Seminar programme

  • Wednesday 28 October, 3pm (Room 205, Rolle Building): Patrick Daly, Political Reporter for the Plymouth Herald
  • Friday 6 November, 2pm (Room 006, Babbage Building): Oliver Colvile MP (Con), Plymouth Sutton and Devonport
  • Tuesday 10 November, 12pm (Room 304, Roland Levinsky Building): Alison Seabeck (Lab), MP for Plymouth Moor View 2005-15
  • Friday 20 November, 2pm (Room 405, Babbage Building): John Petrie (Lab), Plymouth Labour Campaign Coordinator
  • Wednesday 2 December, 1pm (Room 205, Rolle Building): Cllr Maddi Bridgeman (UKIP), Plymouth City Councillor
  • Thursday 3 December, 7pm (Room 210, Roland Levinsky Building): Ben Bradshaw MP (Lab), Exeter
  • Friday 11 December, 1pm (Room 206-7, Roland Levinsky Building): Gary Streeter MP (Con), South West Devon
  • Tuesday 15 December, 2pm (Room 210, Rolle Building): Cllr Bill Stevens (Lab), Head of Planning Committee, Plymouth City Council
  • Wednesday 20 January, 1pm (Room 205, Rolle Building): Cllr Tudor Evans (Lab), Head of Plymouth City Council
  • Friday 5 February, 1pm (Room 410, Babbage Building): Luke Pollard (Lab), Parliamentary Candidate 2010 and 2015
  • Thursday 11 February, 3pm (Room 502, Cookworthy Building): Molly Scott Cato MEP (Green) for South West England Region
  • Friday 11 March, 1.30pm (Room 210, Roland Levinsky Building): Johnny Mercer MP (Con), Plymouth Moor View

Email David Brockington for further information.

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