Plymouth Institute of Education Group Research Seminars
  • Room 206, Rolle Building, University of Plymouth

  • Room 206, Rolle Building, University of Plymouth

  • Room 206, Rolle Building, University of Plymouth

  • Room 206, Rolle Building, University of Plymouth

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You are invited to a series of presentations about research taking place within the Plymouth Institute of Education. The seminars are open to all - please book a ticket through the University eStore to reserve your place.

Please note that this event will be filmed for educational and promotional use by the University. The recording will be made available online. By attending the event you consent to photography, audio, and video recording and the publication thereof. Contact for any queries.

Thursday 14 October 2021: Inclusive pedagogy in the University | Presented by: Inmaculada Concepción Orozco Almario, Doctoral Student at the Faculty of Science Education, University in Seville and Visiting Researcher at Plymouth Institute of Education

"My PhD thesis project is part of a project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and led by Anabel Moriña Díez. This project is entitled “Inclusive Pedagogy in the University: faculty members' narratives”. The main aim is to explore, describe and understand the knowledge, beliefs, designs and actions of Early Childhood Education, Primary, Secondary and University faculty who develop an inclusive pedagogy. Specifically, we want to explore what teachers who develop a pedagogy do, how and why. Our purpose is that these narratives are useful and help other professionals to achieve learning and participation of all students. During the seminar, I am going to focus on one educational stage. Afterwards, I am going to explain the reason for using life history in the next phase of our research."

Thursday 28 October 2021 - Gardening with children: exploring preschoolers’ attitudes and behaviour towards the environment and the use of a preschool garden | Presented by: Katherine Paal, PhD student and Research Assistant at Plymouth Institute of Education

"Involving children in environmentally friendly practices can encourage children to engage with and shape their environments (Davis, 2015). Studies found that early experiences with outdoor activities have a positive influence on children’s behaviour towards the environment (Pramling Samuelsson et al., 2019). My project aims to explore what preschool children think, experience and learn about what is good or healthy for the planet, and illustrate the benefit of a preschool garden as a tool to develop environmentally friendly behaviour of children aged 3 to 5. I observe children and their caregivers during gardening activities, ask the children to draw a picture and conduct interviews with the children. The findings will illustrate preschoolers’ awareness of what is good or healthy for the planet and how we can help the earth. The findings also suggest valuable information into the use of participatory methods to gain a holistic view on what children think, experience and learn when engaging with a preschool garden. I conducted a pilot study in July 2021 and will reflect on my experiences during the data collection process in my RDC.2 presentation."

Thursday 11 November 2021 - The role and potential of environmental education for enhancing the wellbeing of young people: a case study of the Field Studies Council, Slapton Ley | Presented by: Rachel Manning, Associate Research Fellow at Plymouth Institute of Education

"This research explored the role that curriculum-based environmental education plays in influencing young peoples’ wellbeing. It adopts a social constructivist approach to understand how wellbeing is understood, articulated, and experienced by young people in residential learning environments. The research challenges assumptions about the way nature is utilised in wellbeing interventions, highlighting the role that social and cultural backgrounds can play in the way nature is experienced by different groups and how this can be addressed within environmental education. This presentation will discuss the relationship between environmental education and wellbeing, and how to best design environmental education programmes that meet the needs of young people."

Thursday 25 November 2021 - Entrepreneurial intent and identity in first year HE students | Presented by Sarah Preedy, Lecturer in Enterprise at Plymouth Business School

"This presentation will disseminate the findings from a recent Enterprise Educators UK funded study examining the entrepreneurial intent and identity formation processes of first year HE students at two UK universities. The presentation will outline the key findings of the study and seek feedback from attendees on how they might wish to use the findings in their own contexts (if applicable)."

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