Plymouth Green Book Club meeting
  • Room 402, Babbage Building, Plymouth University

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Plymouth Green Book welcomes Professor Alison Anderson to lead the discussion on her book Media, Environment and the Network Society.

Media, Environment and the Network Society provides a timely and far-reaching analysis of the shifting role of the media in covering some of the most important global environmental challenges we face today. 

Alison examines the influential theory of 'network society' and discusses its significance for understanding the nature of contemporary environmental activism and the media politics of the environment. She argues that the success of an environmental campaign cannot be judged by media visibility alone. 

Among the key questions the book seeks to address are: 

  • What factors trigger particular environmental stories to make their way into the headlines while others are ignored? 
  • How do issue attention cycles operate? 
  • And how do some actors seek to keep issues off the agenda? 

The chapters focus specifically on climate change, the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster and emerging technologies such as synthetic biology and nanotechnology.

Alison Anderson is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Centre for Culture, Community and Society at Plymouth University.

A list of key points is available by email in advance of the meeting. Please email Alan Ramage to request a copy.

All are welcome to join in the free discussion.

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About Plymouth Green Book Club

The Plymouth Green Book Club meets quarterly and is for people who know a little or a lot about the topics covered in the books, selected from suggestions made, and who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding. Reading the book under discussion is recommended but is not a requirement. Far better to come along and share your ideas and views on the topics covered even if you have been unable to read them. 

The book club is not a campaigning group as such, but as a local Friends of the Earth initiative, it is hoped that people who are not already engaged in campaigning - nowadays usually done online through Avaaz, 38 Degrees, Friends of The Earth, WWF, Greenpeace and a wide range of other environmental and development organisations - will feel encouraged to add their voice to campaigns undertaken by the organisations they feel drawn to. 

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