Plymouth Blitz - 80th Anniversary

Shopping in Post-Blitz Plymouth. Image credit: Imperial War Museum

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The months of March-April 1941 witnessed the destruction of large parts of the city of Plymouth as a result of aerial attack by the Luftwaffe. 

As the city comes together in March-April 2021 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Plymouth Blitz, to remember and to mourn, the History Team at the University of Plymouth will provide two Zoom events (a series of 20 minute papers) to explore different aspects of the Plymouth Blitz, to contextualise the event and to think about its legacies. 

Further details will be announced on our social media feeds in due course.

Wednesday 17 March, 19:00 - Blitz

  • Dr Harry Bennett, Associate Professor (Reader) in History: 'Gegen England: Why was Plymouth bombed?'
  • Alex Halls: '"The bomber always gets through”: The policy of aerial bombardment during the Second World War'
  • James Bartle: 'Sacrifice and rebirth: Devonport Dockyard and the Plymouth Dockyard'

Chaired by Dr Jameson Tucker, Head of History, University of Plymouth

Wednesday 21 April, 19:00 - Aftermath

  • Elliot Clark: 'Amidst the rubble: Winston and Clementine Churchill visit Plymouth'
  • Professor Dan Maudlin: 'From the ashes: Rebuilding Plymouth'

Chaired by Dr Jameson Tucker, Head of History, University of Plymouth

Email Harry Bennett ( for further information.

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