Performance: FOMO, MOFOS! (Fear Of Missing Out, Motherf***ers!)
  • The House, Plymouth University

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A kaleidoscopic meditation on the digital age state of being. Modern myth, cautionary tale, and cinematic visual feast.

Enter here and now. A woman and a mystery: What happened? How did we get here? How do we get down from here? Flashing back through another time and place, she is lost in a digital labyrinth of shifting identities.

FoMO, mofos! is a dreamlike reflection on the consequences of hyper-connectivity and continuous self-exposure. Passing through cult classic films Blow-up and Mullholland Drive  and the songs of Robert Wyatt, Kraftwerk and John Lennon, it explores vigilance, rootlessness, and the human animal's desire to conquer time and space.

Inspired by collaborations with:

  • Stéphanie Auberville (Brussels/FR)
  • Lea Kieffer (Berlin/FR)
  • Deborah Black (USA)
  • Hannah Buckley (Leeds)
  • Anthony Cairns (Liverpool).

Costume design by Alena Kudera with outside input from: Jules Beckman (FR/USA), Anthony Cairns (Liverpool), and Abby Crain (USA).

Running time: 60 mins

Date: Wednesday 11 October
Time: 19:30
Location: The House, Plymouth University

Discounts available via the Artory App and free to Plymouth University students via SPiA.

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