PEMC Imaging Matters: 12 January
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Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre (PEMC) is hosting a series of free, research-focused seminars.
These monthly Imaging Matters events will show how different forms of microscopy can be used across a broad range of research. Each month an invited speaker will come and give a talk specific to their area of research and how they’ve utilised microscopy to achieve their goal. This will include optical microscopy, electron microscopy, x-ray microscopy, atomic force microscopy, ion beam microscopy and in some cases utilising multiple techniques.
We warmly invite researchers, academics and students to join us for one or more of these events, not only to learn more about their field but also to broaden their knowledge about other fields and how the same techniques can be used in across multiple research areas. These talks will not only be informative but also cutting edge, with speakers showcasing their recent advances. Each presentation will be followed by questions, where the audience can get involved.
Our Imaging Matters event on Wednesday 12 January 2022 was on Return of the nano lab. Experiences In situ and plasma focused ion beam microscopy, presented by Dr Stuart Robertson from Loughborough University. Stuart talked about dual beam microscopy, along with in-situ testing.
Dr Stuart Robertson is a staff scientist at Loughborough University's Characterisation Centre where he is the local specialist in electron and ion beam microscopy. More broadly his areas of interest are: 
  • plasma focused ion beam applications 
  • application of electron and ion microscopy including EDS and EBSD
  • in-situ characterisation of metals and ceramics
  • electrical interconnections and the formation of intermetallic compounds
  • best practice in microstructural characterisation
  • ion implantation and nuclear materials degradation.
In this talk Stuart introduced the basic principles of dual beam microscopy and compare the expectations vs the reality of using plasma ion beams compared to gallium ion beam systems. In the second part of the talk, we looked at the exciting in-situ, mechanical and thermal testing going on at Loughborough University including in-situ micro bend testing, CTE measurement, thermal ageing and flash sintering.


12:00 – Welcome and introduction to Dr Stuart Robertson
12:05 – Return of the nano lab. Experiences In situ and plasma focused ion beam microscopy
12:40 – Questions
12:55 – Closing and introduction to next month’s speaker

Event series

13 October 2021: Introduction to Microscopy and Imaging Matters event series
10 November 2021: Professor Gail McConnell, University of Strathclyde – 2D and 3D Optical mesoscopy with the mesolens
8 December 2021:
Dr Sam Giles, University of Birmingham – Getting inside the head of early vertebrate evolution
12 January 2022:
Dr Stuart Robertson, Loughborough University – Return of the nano lab. Experiences In situ and plasma focused ion beam microscopy
9 February 2022:
Dr Fabio Nudelman, University of Edinburgh – Coccolithophore biomineralisation
9 March 2022 [postponed]: Dr Izzy Jayasinghe, University of Sheffield – Imaging ion channels in the heart at true molecular-scale resolution
13 April 2022 [cancelled]: Professor Shadreck Chirikure, University of Oxford – Archaeological science and globalisation
11 May 2022:
Dr Louise Hughes, Oxford Instruments – Low kV energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy
8 June 2022:
Morgan Chase Hill – Imaging natural history
13 July 2022: Dr Vengamanaidu Modepalli, Marine Biological Association – Insights from non-bilaterian animals
August 2022: No event – summer break
September 2022: tbc

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Target audience
The sessions are primarily aimed at researchers, academics, and students with no restrictions on attendance.
Events are free to attend but booking is essential via the link at the top of each event page.
Contact Alex Strachan for further information.
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