Opportunity to access schools’ health-related behaviour survey data
  • Room 206, Rolle Building, University of Plymouth

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In partnership with the Plymouth’s secondary schools, every other year the Plymouth City Council’s Public Health Team co-ordinates a health-related behaviour survey of pupils in years 8 and 10. The survey itself is run by the Schools Health Education Unit (SHEU) based in Exeter. The SHEU co-ordinates this work as a way of collecting robust information about young people in Plymouth and their lifestyles.

The online questionnaire used in 2018 collected data on 94 health-related questions which were separated into the following topics:

  • Healthy eating
  • Alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Mental and emotional health
  • Physical activity
  • Sexual health
  • Safety
  • Enjoying and achieving
  • Leisure and money.

As the questionnaires are completed by all young people (in Year 8 and Year 10) in all schools, there are in excess of 4,300 responses. As well as providing a snapshot in time, the fact that the survey is repeated every two years in the same year groups means there’s potential to look at changes over time. Survey data is available for 2014, 2016 and 2018. The 2020 survey is currently being planned.

Plymouth City Council and the secondary schools are therefore prepared to make individual level data (anonymised) available to individuals and/or team(s) at the University to allow the data to be analysed in more depth.

13:30 Welcome Jill Shawe, University of Plymouth, Institute of Health and Community
13:35 Introduction to the Plymouth Schools health-related survey Dave Schwartz, Plymouth City Council
13:40 The Plymouth Schools health-related survey: Process and questionnaire Rob Nelder, Plymouth City Council
13:50 Results and analysis Carol Harman, Plymouth City Council
14:05 Survey use in schools tbc (Secondary School representative)
14:15 Opportunities for collaboration - the offer to the University Dave Schwartz, Plymouth City Council
14:20 Q&A
15:00 Closing remarks

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