Motivational Interviewing and Functional Imagery Training (COURSES CANCELLED)
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    Please note this course has been cancelled

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The Faculty of Health and Human Sciences are pleased to offer two short courses in Motivational Interviewing and Functional Imagery Training.

We regret to inform you that both of these courses have now been cancelled and apologise for any inconvenience caused (page updated 15 March).

Course 1: Motivational Interviewing (MI)

MI is a successful and popular counselling style whose application has spread far beyond a traditional counselling setting. Evidence supports its effectiveness in a wide range of contexts, from treating addiction to supporting weight loss. The course is for anyone who would like to learn basic skills in MI. 

This course is delivered by Ray van der Poel, who has over ten years of experience of motivational interviewing. He was trained by the founders of the technique, Bill Miller and Stephen Rollnick.

Please note: this course is essential preparation for the FIT course, for those who are not already trained in MI.

Course 2: Functional Imagery Training (FIT)

FIT is a new way of supporting behaviour change. It uses collaborative counselling techniques to help people think about their most important goals, and mental imagery exercises to strengthen desire for those goals. Users have reported a ‘mindset shift’ where they exercised or ate healthily because they wanted to, not because they had to.

FIT differs from other counselling techniques by explicitly eliciting vivid mental imagery at each step and by teaching people how to apply motivational imagery themselves using behavioural cueing, audios and an app to support imagery practice and build self-regulation.

FIT has been used to change eating habits, increase physical activity, support diabetic self-management, treat alcohol dependence, manage cannabis use in people with psychosis, and reduce self-harm. Its length is varied to suit these different contexts, and it can be delivered in face-to-face sessions or over the phone.

The course is for psychologists, healthcare professionals, dieticians, fitness and lifestyle coaches, and others working to help individuals to change their behaviour.

There will be post course support in the form of a webinar-based group supervision meeting and individualised feedback on delivery of a functional imagery training session.

This course is delivered by Professor Jackie Andrade and Linda Solbrig, who are part of the international team that developed Functional Imagery Training. They recently completed a large and successful trial of FIT for weight loss.

Please note: experience of motivational interviewing is a prerequisite.

Have you got a question about these courses? Contact Professor Jackie Andrade at for further information.

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