Learning to Thrive: Personal Resilience Training
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Introducing Personal Resilience Training

Stress is a normal human response to situations that seem threatening or difficult, whether or not they really are. Sometimes though, we experience periods of ongoing anxiety and distress, which leave us feeling extremely uncomfortable and diminishing our ability to function and perform well. In these times, these unhelpful feelings become self-perpetuating, due to what we can call an un-resilient mind-set. Fortunately, these mind-sets can be changed; we can enhance our wellbeing by learning straight-forward techniques for becoming more ‘resilient’, many of which will be introduced in this training course. Learning to build our personal resilience offers specific benefits such as:

  • Greater self-confidence and optimism about ourselves and the future
  • An enhanced ability to ‘bounce back’ quickly when times get tough
  • Greater perseverance and satisfaction with life 
  • Improved performance in our work, study or personal lives 

This training course is offered as a ‘taster’ programme introducing ideas, approaches and interventions that can help you take conscious control of how you respond to life and work challenges. Afterwards, you can decide how and whether to build on what you have learned to enhance your resilience and sense of wellbeing in the longer term.

Part A of the training focuses on understanding resilience and learning how self-awareness and developing a constructive, positive mind-set can boost resilience.

In Part B you will try out specific interventions that will help transform the habitual, negative thinking patterns that can trap so many of us in un-resilient states. 

Run in a friendly style that respects individual needs and circumstances, this two part personal development training has received enthusiastic feedback.  

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Course details

We provide refreshments, reading material and Professional Development Certificates on completion.

Dates (all sessions run 13.30 to 17.30)

Course 1

Part A Wednesday 07 February 2018

Part B Wednesday 21 February 2018                                                      

Course 2

Part A Wednesday 14 February 2018                     

Part B Wednesday 28 February 2018

Interested? Email Paul Murray paul.murray@plymouth.ac.uk to get more detailed information and to confirm your place. 

The course is funded through the University’s Pedagogic Research Institute (PEDRIO) as a pilot research project evaluating the potential of extending resilience training for students from across the university. Full details will be provided prior to the training.         

Building resilience is about learning five key approaches that equip us to bounce back and grow from the situations and experiences we find difficult or stressful.

  • Understanding resilience
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Deepening motivation
  • Learning practical tools
  • Setting positive goals


  • H “Excellent course; I can’t say enough good things about it!”
  • H “Most insightful and ought to be considered as essential for all”
  • H “Many other students would benefit from this”
  • H “Everything I learned will be useful, giving me greater confidence”
  • H “Beneficial to students, particularly one dealing with coursework stress”
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