INCISE 2021 - Submarine Canyons: human connections to the deep sea
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INCISE, the International Network for submarine Canyon Investigation and Scientific Exchange is an initiative that aims to bring together scientists (including from the University of Plymouth) working on all aspects of submarine canyon research, and to stimulate discussions across disciplines.

Submarine canyons are major geomorphic features of continental margins, and nearly 10,000 large canyons are estimated to exist around the world. Recent multidisciplinary projects focused on the study of canyons have considerably increased understanding of their ecological role, the goods and services they provide to human populations, and the impacts that human activities have on their overall ecological condition.

Pressures from human activities include litter, fishing, dumping of land-based mine tailings, and oil and gas extraction. The effects of climate change may modify the intensity of currents within canyons, which is predicted to impact the structure and functioning of canyon communities as well as affect food supply to the deep-ocean ecosystem.

Due to COVID-19, the 5th INCISE conference will now take place online. 

Hosted by the School of Marine and Maritime Science at the University of Gibraltor, the event encompasses a:

  • A half day Submarine Canyons Workshop (week of 7 June) covering all aspects of litter in submarine canyons
  • Conference - 14-18 June
  • Public engagement event - 16 June.

Public engagement event details | Wednesday 16 June (12:00-13:00 BST)

Astounded by the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA? Now imagine canyons in the deep sea! Submarine canyons are important geological features of the sea and they act as a link between shallow water environments with the deep sea. We are exploiting the marine environment for many resources such as oil, gas and fisheries to name but a few. Canyons serve as important structures within the marine environment and act as nursery habitats and due to complex currents serve as ‘hotspots’ for biodiversity and feeding grounds for larger animals such as tuna and cetaceans.

In a world’s first, the INCISE society is hosting a global free public engagement event where you can hear from world’s experts on submarine canyons.


  • Dr Peter Harris - GRID-Arendal
  • Dr Veerle Huvenne - National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
  • Dr Jaime Davies - University of Plymouth
  • Ivan Hernandez - MSc graduate, University of Gibraltar 

Register for this event via the Eventbrite webpage.

Visit the INCISE 2021 webpage for full details or contact Dr Awantha Dissanayake ( for any queries regarding the conference.

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