Ghana Entrepreneurship Conference 2018
  • Institute of Education Conference Room, North Campus, University of Cape Coast, Ghana

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First joint University of Cape Coast and University of Plymouth conference

University's leadership role in promoting entrepreneurship education and training in Africa.

The aim of this unique conference is to help reduce the major unemployment problem faced by developing countries such as Ghana through emerging entrepreneurs. We want to transform the prospects of current and potential entrepreneurs by equipping them with the world-class skills, knowledge and drive to develop into robust entrepreneurs, establishing sustainable businesses that help to solve the unemployment problem and further enhance the economy of Ghana.

Universities all over the world are seen as agents of economic development and produce the skills, knowledge and innovation that would propel the growth of the world’s economy. This conference is delivered by both the University of Plymouth Business School (UK) and University of Cape Coast, Ghana who are working in partnership to help reduce the major unemployment problem faced by Ghana through emerging entrepreneurs. 

Conference objectives:

  • To discuss the role of entrepreneurship in employment creation.
  • To equip current and potential entrepreneurs with world-class tools for further development using business incubators and hubs.
  • To discuss the role of action based entrepreneurship research.
  • To provide networking opportunities.

Download the full conference programme.

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About the conference

In recent times, governments all over the globe, especially those in Africa have been grappling with the issue of graduate unemployment due to the mismatch between the quality of products from universities and the skills requirements from the world of work. In addition, most of the educational institutions do not consciously help develop the entrepreneurial and technology innovative skills of their students while they are in the university. Many academic courses that are delivered for the development of the African entrepreneurs lack progression arrangements which would enable the learner and the tutor have opportunities to develop further and acquire higher level leadership and business skills. 

The graduating African student is becoming increasingly aware that the training received in school will not automatically gain them employment. Unfortunately, there is no tracer on the job placement of students after graduation in many academic disciplines, particularly in the Arts and Humanities, which is responsible for about 60 per cent of academic intakes in many African universities. There is also inadequate data on entrepreneurial and other innovativeness from university students to guide knowledge-based decision-making and entrepreneurship for them.

Research advances entrepreneurship education as essential in terms of influencing attitudes, aspirations and mindset of individuals to establish new ventures and enterprises. Various schools of thought have questioned whether or not entrepreneurship can be learned and whether mindset and skills can be cultivated, taught or transmitted for the purpose of entrepreneurship promotion.

Ground-breaking research suggests that entrepreneurs think in a distinctive way different from managers (Sarasvathy, 2008). Some trait theorists suggest that the ‘art’ of entrepreneurship – creativity and innovative thinking – is not teachable except through practical experience (Fisher & Koch, 2008) whilst others claim that the ‘science’ of entrepreneurship – business and management skills –, can be taught (World Bank, *year*).

It is in this light that the University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana in collaboration with Plymouth University, United Kingdom and their associates namely, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kigali, Rwanda; Botho University, Gaborone, Botswana; and Crawford University, Lagos, Nigeria is organizing this conference to discuss practical ideas and guidance needed to reduce unemployment and unemployability of graduates and transform the prospects of current entrepreneurs and potential ones by equipping them with world-class skills, knowledge and drive to develop further into robust entrepreneurs who will establish sustainable businesses.

This conference will also aimed at promoting skills and tools needed to create viable jobs as well as deepen the entrepreneurial mind-set in Africa through the establishment of business incubation units in universities. It is further to provide the platform to promote entrepreneurship culture, share best practices and build stronger links between academia and private sector organisations in the United Kingdom and Africa.

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