Geoenergy and Society: Theory and Practice
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Please join us for a one-day virtual conference to examine the relationships between geoenergy and society, explored via a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

The aim of this virtual event is to draw together both academic and practitioner research and experience of the social factors and implications from across the spectrum of geoenergies, including but not limited to, geothermal power, carbon capture storage, oil and gas extraction, and from diverse methodological approaches, bridging geoscience, sociology, psychology, media and communications, politics, visual arts, and business. 

We will be addressing questions such as:

  • How do we see, think and feel about geoenergies?
  • How do we imagine the future of geoenergy?
  • How could this future shape energy production and consumption?

A full programme of presentations will be available throughout the day. Confirmed speakers include Professor Iain Stewart (University of Plymouth), Dr Marit Brommer and Margaret Krieger (International Geothermal Association), Professor Patrick Devine-Wright (University of Exeter), Professor Evelina Trutnevyte (University of Geneva) and Dr Olivier Ejderyan ( ETH Z├╝rich) as well as the project team working on the UK's first geothermal power plant in Cornwall. 

The broader context of the conference is the recognition that the diversification of current energy portfolios towards renewables, relies upon the development and adoption of new geoenergies. While technological capacity plays a central role in the successful integration of new geoenergy processes, so too do a myriad of social factors, such as: stakeholder inclusion and agency during decision-making processes; perceptions around risks and benefits; economic, environmental, political and social issues; effective communication and public engagement; and valuable education and knowledge exchange. The social factors around new energy technologies are often overlooked and yet by examining them we can enhance our understanding of meaningful communication and social inclusion, as well as identifying valuable lessons that are transferable across different geoenergy projects.

Further information is available via the registration page above or contact for any queries.

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