Extraordinary Insects
  • Forum and Communication Room, Ground Floor, Sustainability Hub, Kirkby Lodge, University of Plymouth

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The next Plymouth Green Book Club meeting will discuss the book Extraordinary Insects by Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson. Guest expert Andrew Whitehouse from Buglife will be in attendance.

Out of sight, underfoot, unseen beyond fleeting scuttles or darting flights, insects occupy a hidden world, yet are essential to sustaining life on Earth. Working tirelessly, they give us food, uphold our ecosystems, can heal our wounds and even digest plastic. They could also provide us with new solutions to the antibiotics crisis, assist us in disaster zones and inspire air-force engineers with their flying techniques.

But their private lives are also full of fun, intrigue and wonder - musical mating rituals; house-hunting for armies of beetle babies; metamorphosing into new characters; throwing parties in fermenting sap; cultivating fungi for food; farming smaller species to harvest honey dew and always ensuring that what is dead is decomposed, ready to become life once again.

Charles Darwin once declared that the brain of an ant was “perhaps more marvellous than the brain of many”. But this observation merely scratched the surface of how instrumental insects have been in the history of the Earth, and how crucial they are to its future.

Now we know so much more, one thing is for certain: we can’t live without them.

Come along and join in the discussion on this book and its fascinating topic.

All are welcome to this free event and it is not essential to have read any or all of the book. For those unfamiliar with the location of Kirkby Lodge, it is just off Portland Mews on the campus map available from the Location link above.

Plymouth Green Book Club is supported by the University of Plymouth, the Sustainable Earth Institute and the Eden Project.

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