Exploring Green Hydrogen
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Build your understanding of green hydrogen and how it can support business and industry. The transition to net zero is a complex journey and this event aims to explore green hydrogen as one of the potential pathways. Hear from those in industry wanting to utilise this carbon neutral fuel in a variety of settings.
Green hydrogen is one of the less well-known clean energy solutions, yet it has a multitude of uses across sectors. In particular, it is recognised as a good solution for difficult-to-decarbonise activities such as heavy industry, domestic and industrial heat and heavy-duty transport – where it is not practical to electrify as batteries do not meet the high power needs – as well as the potential to supplement the gas network with green hydrogen.  
The production of green hydrogen does not create greenhouse gases and it is hoped that, as it becomes more widely used, the cost of production will reduce. Excess electricity produced by renewables at peak times can be used to create hydrogen, creating a fuel source that can be used later from the energy that would otherwise be lost.  
During this speaker event, we’ll hear from representatives of several companies who are developing innovative applications for green hydrogen.
This is an in-person event held at the University of Plymouth, however if you wish to join online, there is the option to join via Zoom.
Register via the link above or email sustainability@plymouth.ac.uk for queries.
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Ian Kingscott, Stovax | Domestic and commercial use
The speakers at the event will cover use of hydrogen in different settings and sectors, and Ian will update us on Stovax Gazco’s plans to establish the feasibility of replacing natural gas with hydrogen in residential and commercial gas appliances. In particular, within a hydrogen powered wood burning stove.
Ian is the Group Technical Director for the Stovax Group comprising Stovax (Biomass Decorative Local Space Heaters) and Gazco (Gas and Electric Decorative Local Space Heaters), and has been with the group for 31 years.
The group is owned by NIBE Industrier AB, a Swedish company listed on the Stockholm stock exchange, and which incorporates over 100 companies worldwide mainly involved in the production of heat pumps and other componentry for the renewable heating and cooling industry.

James McNaughton, Centre for Future Clean Mobility (CFCM), University of Exeter | Testing the efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells 
CFCM is a world-class research centre specialising in developing new hybrid and electric powertrain technology with zero emissions for cleaner transport. 
James will update us on their work testing the endurance of hydrogen fuel cells for applications in the marine, off-highway, rail, defence, and energy sectors. CFCM have a purpose-built test centre in Exeter with a rolling road that can put the efficiency of fuel cells to the test.
CFCM partners with businesses to develop low-emission, high-efficiency integrated power systems and we look forward to hearing James’ update on the latest developments in the technology.

Michelle Hitches, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and Phil Johnston, Celtic Sea Power | FLOW development in Celtic Sea
We’re pleased to be joined by two presenters to give us an overview of the scale and pace of FLOW development in the Celtic Sea, highlighting activity underway in the region to prepare for 4GW by 2035 and 20GW by 2045. 
Phil originally graduated in Environmental Sciences and spent part of his career at sea as an offshore environmental consultant, primarily on oil and gas exploration surveys but also on offshore wind developments and navy frigates. Phil now lives on the North Coast of Cornwall, working on strategic development of floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea.
To explain further how offshore wind links with green hydrogen, we’ll be joined by Michelle Hitches. Michelle is passionate about the environment and sees her role as an opportunity to combine this passion with her skills. She is responsible for managing a portfolio of Hydrogen and Floating Offshore Wind Projects, including Cornwall FLOW Accelerator project as well as Marine-i. 
Holly Makin, Element 2 | A national network of hydrogen refuelling stations
We’re pleased to be joined by Holly Makin, Business Development Executive at Element 2. Element 2 is building the first national network of hydrogen refuelling stations across the UK and Ireland, to enable the rapid transition of heavy road vehicles and municipal fleets to support the UK’s journey to net zero.
They source green hydrogen from local and national producers and supply it to fleet owners, operators and the public to enable the rapid decarbonisation of UK road transport. 
We anticipate that Holly will be able to give us some insight into a potential green hydrogen future of heavy-duty transport.

Gary Nicholson, Hydrostar | Green hydrogen production using novel electrolysers
Gary Nicholson is the CEO of Hydrostar and joins us to share his expertise of green hydrogen production, using fossil fuel free energy from renewables. Their goal has been to produce energy that is environmentally friendly, affordable and reliable. 
Gary was a Rolls-Royce executive for 15 years and has founded environmental businesses, mostly with AI and advanced controls as component elements. Gary has worked for over 25 years in power plants, power plant optimisation and emissions reduction, and advanced simulation and emulation of smart grids. He currently sees green hydrogen as one of the vectors to net zero.
We look forward to hearing his insight about green hydrogen production and next-generation, low-cost electrolysers. 

Darren Stockley, Ixora Energy | Injecting green hydrogen into Wales & West main pipeline
Darren joins us from Ixora Energy which is one of Devon’s largest renewable energy providers, operating five anaerobic digestion (AD) plants across Devon and the South West. The plants are supplied by organic waste, such as farm waste, manure and sustainably grown crops, which is broken down by bacteria in the AD process. This generates renewable gas and electricity to supply local homes and businesses.
Darren is the Managing Director at Ixora and has 19 years’ experience in renewable energy and waste management. Ixora Energy is taking its expertise relating to the production of bio-methane and injecting the gas into the main gas network and using this knowledge to investigate the feasibility of doing the same with hydrogen. We look forward to learning more about this process and how it may impact the application of green hydrogen in the future.

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